Reinstituting Neglected Restrictions

It is important for associations to consistently enforce the key provisions in their Governing Documents. This does not always happen and some restrictions may be ignored for years without any negative effects on the community. Suddenly, new leadership is elected, and it is felt that these restrictions now need to be enforced. In extreme cases, where the restrictions have been ignored for years and violations are prevalent throughout the community, it may be impossible to revive these restrictions. In other cases, it is possible to revive the restrictions. The best process to follow is providing notice to the community that restrictions will now be enforced. A grace period should be provided where no fines are imposed for violations but only warnings. Once the grace period ends then consistent and uniform enforcement must follow. Owners who have detrimentally relied on the failure of previous leadership to enforce the restriction should be handled on a case-by-case basis. For example, if the Association had a weight limit on pets and the owner purchased a large dog, the individual should not be required to remove the pet from the community.

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