Welcome to the Joel M. Kriger, APC, blog.  We hope to be able to use this forum to communicate with our clients and their business agents in a somewhat informal, more immediate way to deliver up to date information on what’s happening at the firm and in the legal circles in which we all operate.

From week to week, the four attorneys of the firm will contribute to the blog with their personal takes on things such as the latest news from the California Legislature, published and unpublished decisions from the California Court of Appeal and California Supreme Court, victories (or notable losses) at the trial court level, and significant issues of the day affecting vendor contracts, rules and regulations, enforcement of governing documents, and document revisions and restatements.

In addition, happenings within the firm will be announced in the blog, such as the firm’s recent hiring of Garrett Wait to provide assistance in our court actions collections department. Garrett, along with Jeremy Falk, will prepare and process Superior Court lawsuits, and small claims paperwork, for our clients, to collect delinquent assessments when the lien process has run its course to no avail.

So again, welcome.  And visit us often.

Lauri Croce