Contract Options

At Kriger Law Firm, APC clients can retain the firm’s services by choosing one of the following options: (1) a traditional Fee For Service contract, or (2) a Retainer Program contract.

The traditional Fee For Service contract allows an association to use the legal services of the firm as those services become necessary, at the attorneys’ regular billing rates.  The Fee For Service contract is best suited for associations with minimal needs in terms of collections, and sporadic or unpredictable needs for counseling or litigation services.

The Retainer Program contract entails the payment of a reasonable quarterly fee which entitles the association to a number of benefits.  The most valuable of the benefits is a reduced hourly rate for attorney time and reduced rates for collection of delinquent assessments.  Attorney hourly rates and collection rates are approximately 15% lower under the Retainer Program contract than under the Fee For Service contract.  Associations also receive other benefits as well.

For more information, please contact the firm’s administrator, Janet Wilcox, by clicking here for email, or by telephone at 619-589-8800.