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Conducting Community Association Meetings During the Coronavirus Crisis

To limit exposure to the coronavirus and to attempt to manage its spread, healthcare professionals and government officials have urged the public to avoid gatherings and, to the extent possible, to stay at home. As a result, countless events have been canceled and many businesses have suspended operations. Community association boards of directors and managersContinue Reading >

Directors Duty To Attend Board Meetings

In California, a person who accepts the responsibilities of a director owes several duties to a homeowner’s association including a duty of care, a duty of diligence, a duty to monitor finances, and a duty to act in good faith to promote the success of the organization.  More specifically, California Corporations Code §7231(a) provides, inContinue Reading >

Can electronic mail be used to conduct a meeting of the Board of Directors?

The short answer is no.  Section 7211 of the California Corporations Code prohibits a board from conducting general meetings via electronic mail. However, an exception exists in the case of an emergency.  The need for an emergency meeting arises where the circumstances creating the emergency could not have been “reasonably foreseen”.  If such a situationContinue Reading >

Don’t Forget to Post Notice!

On October 19, 2012, the CAI chapters in southern California put on a Legal Forum in Temecula, California.  Among other things, an interesting question regarding the notice requirements for executive session meetings was raised within the context of mediations.  To clarify: whenever a quorum of board members gather in one place for any purpose related toContinue Reading >