Homeowner Associations need to continue to do their best to maintain the budgeted cash flow to keep their associations functioning as smoothly as possible.  In recognition of the financial hardship caused by the current pandemic, a Board may want to consider temporarily modifying penalties imposed for late-payments and the time-frame for proceeding with collection activity for delinquent assessments for owners.  We do not recommend such a policy be adopted community-wide but only for those who request hardship consideration and be limited to the handling of past-due assessments until June 30, 2020.

To implement such a policy, the Board of Directors can adopt an emergency rule per Civil Code 4360 (d), which may stay in effect for up to 120 days.  If you would like information or assistance with the preparation of a policy, hardship application form, and a board resolution to implement the emergency rule, please give our office a call at (619) 589-8800, and we will be happy to assist you.