Solar Panel Installations at Common Interest Developments

There has been a renewed interest by homeowners in the installation of solar panels on their roofs. Members of the association are still required to apply and receive approval from the architectural committee before installing solar panels on their roofs. Unlike most other improvements to the property, California law limits the ability of associations to control the installation of solar panels. Civil Code §714 provides that any CC&Rs that effectively prohibit or restrict installation of  solar energy systems are void and unenforceable.  However, homeowners associations can impose reasonable restrictions on solar energy systems. Civil Code §714.1 elaborates on the installation of solar panels in community associations and clarifies the extent of control  associations are permitted to exercise. Should you need more information regarding this issue, copies of the law, or if you would like our office to draft solar energy system regulations for solar panel installation, please feel free to contact us.

Joel Kriger